A Resignation / by Keri Campbell

Lots of things do not come easy for me. Like even that sentence. Should I have used the word "easily" or is "easy" the correct word?? Hmmm, I digress...

One thing that does come easy for me is comparing and contrasting. In the area of sitting and comparing my life to others around me, I am pretty much a pro. Too bad I don't get paid for that work because I might just be a millionaire. As mentioned, contrasting is also part of my game. See contrasting is much like comparing...but it involves comparing the things/ways that are unlike each other, the differences. Yep, I am pretty darn good at that!

For some reason, I like to sit and look at successful writers, speakers, singer/songwriters, neighbors, moms, bible teachers, friends, and contrast their lives with mine. By definition, that means that I sit and compare the unlikeness of their life to mine. 

May I give you some examples? Will you promise to still be my friend?

"Wow, I have no idea how she looks that great after having so many kids. Why do I look the way I do and I only have three?"

"Her house is much bigger than mine and our husbands must make the same amount of money. Why do I live in this small home and she lives in that spacious one?"

"She sings with ease and joy. I sing with joy, but there are time when it seems like work. Why did You not give me the same quality of ability as her, God?"

"She has it all together. If I just had a housekeeper and a little more monthly income, I would have it all together too. Why do I have to spend my days raising these three kids AND cooking AND cleaning?"

"She buys her clothes from boutiques and she always looks great. All my clothes come from Target and can only endure one season if that."

"She is filled with words of wisdom and truth. Why do I not have inspiring words to say and encouragement to offer to my friends?"

"She teaches in a way that is led by the Spirit, but when I teach I seem nervous and confused."

"Everyone wants to be around her and others just tolerate being around me."

"Everyone wants to hear what she has to say and my opinions or words really don't matter." 

"When I meet someone new, they really only pretend to want get to know me because they want to get to __________." (insert other woman's name in the blank)

I could go on...but I am beginning to laugh and see the ridiculousness...

I want a new job.

So today, I am going to resign. I am resigning from the position of looking at others and believing that when I was created I somehow slipped through the  "a plan and a purpose" section of the assembly line. . Have you ever thought that? Have you ever thought, "Wow, that person really KNOWS who they are and WHAT they were created for!" Only to follow that up with, "I wish I KNEW who I was and WHAT I was created for..." Doing this, and I am the first to admit that I do, gives the enemy a foothold. Allows lies to creep in our mind, in our heart, that we really do not matter or have any chance at all to glorify the LORD with our lives because we really don't have anything to offer.

Believer, that is a lie.

YOU were created with a plan and a purpose. A good plan and a good purpose. Plans for success and a prosperous future.

Here's the deal. God is perfect. He doesn't forget stuff. He surely doesn't leave things out that will bring Him glory, remember? He is jealous for His glory. Jealous because it is His.

So when God tells me in His word through the writer after His own heart that I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I have no other choice but to believe Him. When He tells me through His word that He has plans for me and that He knows what they are...that they are plans of hope and a future...Who am I to sit and think that the God of the universe, the One in charge of everything,  forgot to put that in me when He created me?

When I quit my job of assisting a retinal surgeon and serving those in need in a way that truly satisfied something in me, I had to get used to my new job. A job of being a mommy to a precious baby girl. It took some getting used to. It was a change in identity of sorts, but I grew to love it.

That is what I plan to do with this new phase of life. Grow to love it. I am sure there will be days, hours, when I will slip back into the role of comparing and contrasting. But, with the help and power of the Holy Spirit, I agree to stop the minute I recognize that I am comparing myself with the created and not the Creator. I resolve to believe that He created me with a plan and a purpose, and it is one that the created being that I am comparing myself with...just can't  do. A plan and a purpose unique to me. Yours, unique to you.

I know there are blogs and articles written about women comparing themselves with others. Women looking to Facebook and other social media outlets only to contrast that which seems perfect with that which is imperfect in their own lives.

I believe the enemy delights and throws a big fat party when he accomplishes this task.

So, let's stomp on his head with our strong and stable feet! No longer looking to others for our own life plan or God-given purpose. Looking only to our Father, and asking Him daily, "LORD, what can I do today to fulfill the purpose you created within me?" And then...walk that out. 

Friend, when you were being knit together the LORD placed within you something that no other person has. No other person ever will. There is a brilliance in a certain area of you that is unique and life giving. You were created for greatness and hope and success. Do not allow the evil one to steal that from you! And if you have let him take it, it is time to get back that which belongs to you....

So, who is with me on this resignation? Anyone else willing to give up a life of comparing and contrasting and start walking forward in the true identity of one created by the King of kings with a unique plan and purpose to glorify Him and Him alone?!?

Blessings to you!