Child Like Faith / by David Campbell


While we lived in Nazareth,  I had the awesome privilege of having long discussions with my good Norwegian friend, Tor Ehrling Fagermoen.   I learned a lot from this man, but there is one thing that has stuck out and stuck with me beyond the others.

You see while we were having our discussions (which we called speculations) inevitably our youngest, Ben, would interrupt asking me to do something. Normally it revolved around accessing the internet which I had zero control over.  Sometimes it would work and sometimes it would not but I had no control over that.  I am not sure the router was even located in our flat.  Yet he would ask and if it was something I had no control over, I would tell him, "I am sorry buddy, but I can't help you right how because the internet is not working."  Yet Ben would not accept this and would respond with, "please, Dad please!"  We would go through this over and over and over.  Some times it would end with Ben crying or me wanting to.  Most of the times (I am sad to say) it would end with me getting visibly irritated.  

One day after one of these times Tor said something really profound.  He said about Ben with a big smile, "his faith in you is so strong and so solid that when you tell him you can't do something he doesn't believe you."  

This hit me so hard that I have been reeling from it ever since.  It has changed the way I respond  to Ben (or at least the way I WANT to respond to Ben).  I actually now want to foster that trust.  I want to encourage it.  I want to be that person for him.

Now I see why it is so important for us to have that child like faith in God.  It's not that He wants, like me,  to have that honor as his child but rather He knows that only He can affect the change that we desire.  He wants us to come to him like Ben, so convinced that He can "fix it" that not even His "no" will deter the request.  

May The Lord grow my faith in Him more and more and more. Thank you Tor, and Ben, for this valuable lesson.