Which Phase do People See? / by Keri Campbell

Here I am in the stillness of the early morning. The sun has yet to rise, but I see it. I know it's there. I saw it at 3:00am and I still see it at 5:49am.

Before you think I am delusional, let me explain.

Right now I can see the sun when I look at the beauty of the moon. The moon is large right now. The moon cannot go unnoticed right now. The moon is beautiful at this moment. The moon is so bright this early morning in March.

In gazing up at the moon in the wee hours of this morning, the Lord spoke to me.

"Did you know that you are like the phases of the moon?"

Wait, what??

"Yes! You are a reflection. You are an image bearer. You are a light, because of Me the Light, to the whole world."

And I sit.

Because it's a holy moment.

What phase do others see when the look at me?

If I am a Light bearer, am I noticed as a Light bearer? Or am I like the moonless night where there is no reflection of light at all?  Utter darkness where a path cannot be seen. Hopeless. Oppressed. Confused. Disoriented.  Have you ever looked up the word "new moon" in the bible and noticed the things that happened on that day? I have not studied it in depth, but there is no denying that this is significant in biblical history.

Am I like the sliver of light that people see in the young moon? A haze of light that is slightly seen in the shape of a curve. Not fully exposing all that is there, not even allowing the true shape of that which it is reflecting to be known. Kind of shy-like in the demonstration of that which true. Not bold at all, holding back in hesitancy of that made to shine ever so brightly.

Hmmm, or do I reflect the Light in the way of a crescent or half moon? Am I a faithfully reflecting the One true Light in certain situations, but have areas of darkness looming in my life? Do others see the Light at times, but see more of an umbra at others? Am I lukewarm? Do I obey in certain areas fully, but lack in knowledge and maturity in others?

Am I growing in maturity in areas where I feel confident to reflect this brilliant Light such that others see me in the phase of a gibbous moon? Have I died enough to flesh that what others see in me is the brilliance of Jesus, or is there just a bit of flesh still left that doesn't allow for His fullness to shine forth from my life?

My prayer is to be like the full moon that is in the sky right now. A full reflection of the absolute brilliant, stunning Light that is my Savior. Nothing in the way, no shadows over my life. But pure radiance of the Light of the world glowing ablaze for all the world to see. A faithful witness of what I know to be truth and steadfast love.

May it be.

"Like the moon it shall be established forever, a faithful witness in the skies."Psalm 89:37