He Gives Me, Love, Love, Love, Love, CrAzY Love! / by Keri Campbell

Our God is a good God Who loves us soooooo much! When I sit around and think of His great love for me, I am dumbfounded. Completely astonished that He would love someone like me the way that He does!

We are currently raising support for our upcoming outreach. We have a goal of 500 people giving $14 dollars by Valentine's Day, February 14th! Here is an opportunity for you to jump in to this CrAzY love!! I was recently reminded by a dear friend that giving a financial blessing isn't always "Fun" as I often put in my "FUNdraiser" posts. On the flip side, raising support isn't always fun either...

Want to know when it IS fun? When someone comes to us and says that they see what we are doing and they see the Lord's hand in it and they want in on what GOD is doing. That is FUN for us! Because it is fun for them, the joy in the giving blesses soooooo many people!!

We invite you in to this great work that the Lord is already doing. He has invited us, and we invite you. For two months, our family will move to one of the least reached countries inside the 10/40 window. We count this as joy and an honor! We are excited and eager to get there and learn of His great love for US through these people! Come along!!

This love that we have from the Father, the love that Jesus demonstrated by His sacrificial life, the love that says, "I know everything that you have thought, said, done, and I still love you! I died for YOU! I want to be with YOU forever!" He is so, so good to us!! We want to share His great Love with everyone that we meet!! It is what He made us to do!!

If you want in on sharing this amazing Love with the lost across the world, here is an opportunity for you to give to our outreach fees which are due this month!

Let's see how many people we can get to give $14 by the 14th! Share this post, share our story! Share HIS story and let's sit back and see what He does!

Have fun with this! Teach your children about what it means to live your life sharing this amazing Love with those who have never heard of it! When you go out on a date with the one you love, talk about this great Love and how your relationship mirrors His love! Thank the Father for His outpouring of Love in Jesus Christ!

To give, just click here and follow the instructions. Blessings on you and those you love! We are CrAzY thankful to have you along on this amazing journey!!