Fabulous~Fun~Friday~Family~Focus / by Keri Campbell



It's Friday, y'all! Word on the street is that it is going to be a COOL Fall weekend! Yippeee! Bring on the Pumpkin Patch weather! (Anyone else take their children to the Pumpkin Patch for some sweet fall photos, only to snap the memories of sweaty, red-faced babes?!?)

Today, I wanted to spotlight another donor family, Kari and Shane Lewis! We met the Lewis family though our church. Below is a little information about who they are and how their family came to be. We LOVE adoption and the picture it paints of what the LORD has done to adopt US into HIS family forever! We are grateful for the Lewis Family, their donation toward our ministry in Germany, and their friendship along the way! We pray blessings over each one of you!


Enjoy as Kari tells about her precious family!

"We have four kids; Avery is 8, Judson and Cade are 6years old (4months apart), and Asher is 6months old. It is fun to tell people the boys are 4 months apart and watch them try to figure out how that is possible. No one would ever guess that Judson was adopted, and might even pick out Cade if they had to guess! We decided to foster when the boys were 3 years old and I have to admit it was nice to get my "twins" after the midnight feedings, diaper changes, and potty training were over! (Fun fact, I am a twin myself! There are FOUR sets of twins in my family. My dad was a twin, and I have two sets of nieces and nephews who are twins! Also, my husband and my twin sister's husband have the same birthday..even the same year!) We have no doubt Judson was made for our family and our family grew by more than one child when we adopted him. Even though it was through CPS, we decided to have an open adoption with Judson's biological family, giving all the kids one more set of grandparents to spoil them! We see Judson's mom, aunt, and grandparents every couple of months.


I am homeschooling the three oldest for the first time this year because we felt called to do it...even though the decision seemed insane right after the birth of #4! Asher was our "surprise baby". We found out we were pregnant shortly after Shane's grandpa died from cancer, my dad died from pulmonary fibrosis, and my brother-in-law died suddenly from a massive heart attack in May and June of last year. We were still grieving and having a hard time accepting the pregnancy...until God gave us his name. He made it clear that we should name him Asher, and that's when we knew we were having a boy...months before the ultrasound confirmed it. His name means "happy, blessed". A great reminder that in the midst of pain and suffering, we are definitely blessed! AND, Asher is the happiest baby I know!"


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