Puzzle Piece Numero Uno!! / by Keri Campbell

sullivan family2

Sullivan Family

Our very first puzzle piece donation was from Amanda Sullivan and her sweet family. We have been blessed to know Mrs. Sullivan through our time at Coram Deo Academy. Amanda taught 2nd grade there before receiving the sweet blessing of her daughter, Hadley! A fun fact about the Sullivan family is that Amanda's husband, James Sullivan, is co-owner of the car that won the Indianapolis 500 this year! Isn't that amazing! Amanda is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Her heart for others is so precious and an inspiration to watch. Even after becoming a stay at home mom, she couldn't resist meeting a group of us at a children's hospital in Fort Worth to pray for one of her former students. This was a blessing to my heart as well as the sweet child's who saw Mrs. Sullivan from her hospital window!

Sullivan Family, we are blessed by you and pray blessings from the LORD over your gorgeous family!

sullivan family2

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