Spiritual Dry Times / by David Campbell


I know we have all had them. I know you know what I am talking about. The times when you are praying and it seems as though your prayers go no higher than the ceiling. It happens to all of us at various times and in varying degrees. I have often been taught that this is normal and even helpful (ultimately). But now I am not so sure. Not long ago I was going through a time like this and just crying out in prayer, "Lord where are you?!?" In a moment of desperation I hear a faint and gentle whisper, "I am right here, I have always been here. I promised you I would not leave you and I do not lie. The question is where are you?"

This hit me like a ton of bricks. The issue was not that the Lord had left but that I had. He has promised to always be with us, but we cannot make the same promise to Him. My heart was wandering and wrestling and struggling and racing and just restless. I was doing a lot of activity and just felt dry. He stopped me in my activity and called me to just be still and know that He is with me. It was a blessing like no other for me at the time. Perhaps it will be a blessing to you. He has not abandoned you. He is still there. Are you?