A Conversation That Did Not Go Well / by David Campbell

Jesus made me a promise. He told me that if I would follow Him He would make me a fisher of men. It is not that I would go seeking the fishing but that I would follow Him and the result would be holiness, righteousness, humility, kindness, and it would result in drawing people to Jesus as a fisherman draws in a net. But some times I am can get over confident and leave my savior. Thankfully this is an indication to run quickly back to Him. Last night I was wearing a shirt that stated things like "God Made Everything." I had made a quick stop by a grocery store to pick up a few items. The store was quite busy and I was in a hurry so I did not anticipate having a discussion with anyone. As I checked out, the cashier(a young Asian man named James) asked: "Sir are you a creationist?" It caught me off guard and I was not sure exactly what he was asking but then the light went on. I said enthusiastically, "why yes I am! Are you?" He hung his head and said, "no I am quite the opposite."

Now this, I have come to recognize, is an invitation to speak of Jesus -- but I failed. Instead of speaking of Jesus I said, "I would be happy to get together and discuss it with you if you would like." His response was telling. He said, "I used to enjoy those discussions but now I do not." I said, I understand and by this time he was already scanning the person behind me's order. I thanked him and wished him a great day and said good bye.

This is a man who has likely been desperately seeking truth and somehow others have made the discussion all about creation instead of Jesus. As a result this man has discussed in the past and found no relief and was no longer interested in the discussion. The point is not creation versus evolution. The point is not science versus faith. The point is Jesus.

The Apostle Paul was a highly intellectual person who thought He had all the answers -- then He met Jesus. This man does not need to be argued in or out. He needs an encounter with Jesus not a pointless argument.

I left the parking lot last night deeply convinced that the Lord had given me that precise encounter to show me that He is sending me out as a sheep in the midst of wolves. Any sheep that leaves His shepherd will be eaten in that environment. Don't leave your Shepherd David, don't leave your Shepherd.

**note**it is easy to be ok with the fact that "God is in charge of everything" and that I do not have to worry about this guy. But that is not the heart of my Jesus. He said He was not willing that any should perish, I cannot have a different heart. It is not ok for people to not hear of Jesus.