Speaking Of Jesus / by David Campbell


I was praying the other day and The Lord placed on my heart that I was to go to a certain Mosque at a certain time (yesterday afternoon). I love the idea of the "divine appointment" knowing that Jesus has orchestrated a specific person to be in a specific place at a specific time in order for His glory to be revealed. I showed up at the Mosque and it was largely empty except one man of Pakistani descent. Given the fact that there was non one else in the Mosque and there was still yet an hour before the call to prayer he decided to show me around.

He explained to me several things about Islam including the 5 pillars of Islam and the 7 pillars of faith. As he explained things, many things stirred in my heart but I hear The Lord telling me, "just listen, it is not time yet." So I waited and I listened.

He was a very gracious man and gave me a ton of literature. He kept making small references to what I believed versus what he believed but The Lord would not release me at that point. I am not sure what this man was thinking but The Lord was clear that under no circumstance was I to go on the offensive.

Then finally The Lord gave me the green light to speak to him about how God is not seeking him to do anything to please him and that there is no amount of activity that can be done to please God. Rather that God is pleased only because of Jesus. As soon as I mentioned the name Jesus I saw goose bumps break out all over his arms. I think he noticed that I noticed it because he tried to cover it up but it never subsided during the remainder of our conversation.

He had already spoken to me about him being required to believe the 'before scriptures.' He had already told me about the fact that if a Koran was found buried in a cave that was written at the time of Muhammed then it would be identical to what is today. He had already told me that ONLY infallibility is attributed to the Koran and not the Hadith - which is the only place that speaks of the bible being corrupted. So when I spoke to him about what Jesus said and what the bible said his only response was that "we believe that the bible has been corrupted." So my question to him was, 'was it corrupted before or after Muhammed.' He responded, "after, of course." It was at this point that we discussed the fact that we have actual manuscripts from before Muhammed and after and they are identical. So if they cannot be said to be corrupted then he is required to believe them - per the Koran.

Here was a very kind and gracious man who the Father loves a great deal. He loves him enough to send His son to die in his place. May The Lord turn the light of truth on more and more people like this man. This man was on the defensive from the word "go." It sounds like he perhaps had been attacked before in the name of Christianity. This should not be, there is no need for us to attack. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts the world concerning,sin, and righteousness and judgment. In our short conversation it was OBVIOUS that he was extremely burdened by his own sinfulness.

May The Lord give us greater boldness motivated by love.