Back To Texas / by David Campbell


We are heading back to Texas leaving for the airport in a few minutes. It is definitely bitter sweet. We long to be home but also know what Jesus has called us to. A couple of thoughts that I am leaving with and will be pondering for a while. It is not something unique to Germany. I struggled with it in Texas and I was faced with it in Berlin. It saddens me on one hand and I see it as a warning on the other hand. It is this: those in the trenches of ministry are quick to speak of why something will not work.

It is sad because these are people we should be praying for. They are being blasted with the day to day battle and see clearly the mountains that must be passed. They take the darts from the enemy and from their own people.

Those of us who serve under them tend to either attack them or pity them and give them much latitude (not grace but latitude).

Instead we need to be commending everyone to stop looking at circumstances or situations or people and fix our eyes on Jesus. He is mighty to save. He is not frightened by German skepticism or language barriers or threats of violence.

when they tell you you are crazy, when they tell you it cannot be done, when the battle still rages, will you look to Jesus.

A great friend of mine (who was in the Corp at A&M and subsequently an officer in the marines) explained to me this week the concept of "Commander's Intent." Everyone has a plan individually but when the battle starts and plans get dumped, if you know your commanders intent then you will stay focused on that one objective. Jesus is the commander of the Lord's army - may we know Him and His intentions.