Godly Planning / by David Campbell

ListeningThere is a strange tension between following the Lord and making plans. Usually when the topic of following the Spirit and not trusting our plans is brought up there is an immediate rebuttal. It goes something like this; "yes but planning honors the Lord. He is a God of order and not disorder." The rationale is that we plan because God plans. We are orderly in our accounts because God is orderly in His accounts. Sounds good right? Wrong. This is simply using God to do what we want to do.

Because God is orderly and makes plans and sets them in motion does not give us any right at all to make our own. If He is the one who makes plans and sets them in motion, why not ask Him to define the plan for you? Why not allow Him to tell you the plan?

I dare say it is for two reasons we don't do this. 1) We do not know how to hear His voice/don't think He will tell us. or 2) We have to answer to other people who want details the Lord has not yet given.

First, do we really think that God is such a being as to have a will and let us dangle in the wind trying to find it? He said His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. Meaning He speaks and is moving. Have you ever noticed how detailed the instructions were? Have you ever noticed how in battle David would ask the Lord for details about who to attack and when? Have you noticed that God answered him? God is extremely detail oriented. Look at the universe. This is no accident. Are we willing to listen and follow? Do we not trust God to lead us?

Secondly, when we let man drive our affairs we are sure to be frustrated. If you tell a person you are waiting on the Lord and He has not said yet -- well you are sure to be branded a crazy. But by faithfully walking with Him you will see and others will see that you are not quite as crazy as thought.

God is speaking, are you listening?