Immediate Obedience / by David Campbell

obedienceSpurgeonI wanted to take the time to introduce you to another guy that we have walked with for a while. I will call him K to protect the innocent. In our group, he and his family came in through non-traditional means. Meaning that we met him and he was looking for a group and we invited him along. Our group was still somewhat forming when they came in. One day K confessed that there were issues he was having with a long time relationship and was convicted that he needed to take steps to repair. My wonderful wife was brilliant in asking, "what are you going to do about that?" What happened was he had the conversation early the following day.

Why was this significant? It laid a foundation of immediate obedience in our group that we saw permeate almost every member! We hear a lot about bad things permeating a group but how much more the obedience of a man throughout a group? This was a great blessing to us! I will admit our group was still getting to know one another at this time, so this characteristic may have already been present in the others but in any event the culture of immediate and radical obedience was set!

Let's commit to one another today to be immediately obedient to what the Lord has placed on our hearts. It will have lasting effects on us and others!